The Wild Oat Farm is located 50km outside of Ottawa where we have a large 2 acre outdoor garden and a greenhouse. Our aim with the Wild Oat Farm is to provide the Wild Oat Bakery & Cafe with fresh, pesticide-free, organic, local and healthy food.

By growing our own, we have the pleasure of experiencing the production of food truly from seed to your plate.  It just feels right.

During the summer months, we bring in weekly, many varieties of veggies that are transformed into our delicious meals, sandwiches, house-made products as well as some of the veggies themselves for sale in our fridge.

The Wild Oat Farm is growing its own tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, kale, mixed greens, butter lettuce, edible flowers, basil, cilantro, buckwheat sprouts, red, green & spanish onions, leeks, potatoes, carrots, beets, garlic….and even more to come

We also make our own soil! The most important part of growing food is having nutrient rich soil. All the compost (in summertime) from the Wild Oat is collected and brought to the farm to then be blended with the manure from our pigs, chickens or our neighbours cows. It is then aged and later you have this incredibly rich dark moist soil to grow our veggies….which are brought to the Wild Oat to become food….then the compost again returns to the farm….and so goes the eternal Wild cycle of life!